smile because it happened.
don't cry because it's over.........

I'm ellie.
i like cats and tea and cheese and music.
23 years old. student, singer, actress.


Bellamy Blake in every episode » Earth Skills

What’s wrong with a little chaos?

Better? We’ll make a warrior out of you yet.


Sometimes we can say more through touch than we can through words.

Trying something new :)

Trying something new :)


My otp are drinking buddies!


My otp are drinking buddies!

I need Learren drinking buddies fic now.. help meeeeee.
asked by Anonymous

i’m going on vacation..ahhh but yes, this is needed!!


Dudes who actually react when you giving him the suck up.

Bless y’all. I love guy-moans. I love when he start cussin under his breath and shit. He start looking for shit to hold onto, grabbing my hair, can’t figure out how his life got to this point and shit.

That kind of dude is fun to suck and fuck.


Can I just…..?????

Like, this is the single most beautiful piece of animation ever, I mean


Go ahead, click and drag it, I fucking GUARANTEE that whatever frame it lands on will make you feel better about your day.

Darren Criss and Lea Michele in the crowd between takes x




*short haired people sobbing in the corner*

*curly haired people stare longingly*

*punk chic that can never be pin-up/rockabilly chic stares then sobbs*

*hair-doing clutzes shaking their heads in disbelief*


best photoset I’ve ever seen


Challenge Ice-cepted! #ALSIceBucketChallenge x

They are adorable

this is the life

seriously. those nights where you’re really too tired to function but you go and party anyway..and everybody drinks and everybody’s ridiculous and then people throw up and my shoelace winds up tangled in a door stopper and i just fall flat on my face with everybody outstretched arm clutching the cell phone. we’re both okay, my knee hurts but man..that must’ve looked amazing :D