..but first, let me take a selfie :D

..but first, let me take a selfie :D

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..don’t let them take the little moments away :) #friends

..don’t let them take the little moments away :) #friends

you know i’m trying here, right? relentlessly trying…

@msleamichele A toast to the most amazing trip ever! 🇮🇹❤️💋 
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It’s never really a brain tumor.

That’s a paranoid fantasy you have when, in reality, you have chronic migraines. Or you need new glasses. Maybe you are stressed.

I thought all of those things over the last three months, as my headaches gradually ramped up in intensity.

The headaches were joined by a steadily increasing nausea — we’re talking throw-up-all-over-yourself-in-Atlanta-rush-hour nausea. When it reached the point that I couldn’t keep down a sip of water and a Zofran, I decided it was time for the ER.

So there were hours of waiting, followed by a CT scan, and finally information started to trickle in: There was swelling in my brain. Then there was an MRI, and the information solidified.The swelling was caused by a tumor.


*sunlight hits your laptop screen*


every piece of dust in the world

it’s here

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why hate on trans boys when you can hate on cis boys

why hate on anyone when you can grow up and spread some positivity instead

Why hate people when you can hate humidity

Why stop at humidity when you can hate mosquitoes?

i fuckin hate mosquitoes

see we’re getting there
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read “the fault in our stars” for uni..now i’m all melancholic. 

also i started my internship today and i think it’ll be good.

also i’m drowning in uni work.

also i think i will never get a boyfriend.