TIMES² - HBO Show - Dramedy

"Times Square couldn’t shine as bright as you!"

Times Square and Broadway, Manhattan and the Big Apple…this is the world of 6 young people living under one roof in a loft right off Times Square. Through the year, every one of them tries to make it big. 

Jensen (Tveit) is an off-Broadway actor, playing opposite Carlie (Michele) and although they are great friends, seeing each other 24/7 causes friction - just as the fact that both Jensen and Carlie have a thing for Paul (Criss), a singer/songwriter playing all the pubs up and down Broadway. Sisters Lola (Agron) and Mallory (Watson) keep going head to head for modelling jobs. Kevin (Redmayne) still waits for his big break as a composer - and for Mallory to return his advances. Meanwhile Paul has a thing for Lola and Lola can’t get over that one-off time she slept with Jensen. 

This show is sexy, funny and sometimes tragically beautiful. You shouldn’t miss it!