Kings And Pawns (Action-Thriller, 2013)

Agent Julien Sawyer (Darren Criss) learned to be a shadow, only less detectable - and like a shadow he follows his mark, Lucy Gray (Lea Michele), up and coming journalist at the Washington Post, observing her every move. He doesn’t strike her as a terrorist but he trusts his handlers.

That is until he gets orders to eliminate the clueless and defenseless Lucy, no questions asked. Upon meeting Lucy face to face in order to find some sort of evidence Julien learns things that make him doubt his higher-ups and journalist Lucy is even more sure of the conspiracy she is suspecting to reach up into the highest levels of the CIA and even the government.

When it becomes clear that Lucy is in imminent danger, Julien has to make a decision; will he not question the answers given or will he do whatever it takes to save her, even if it means betraying his agency and becoming a walking target within a web of lies that seems like an odd game of chess?

— “Sexy, fast-paced and gripping”.

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