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Lea Michele and Darren Criss on the set of Glee (September 18, 2014)

so what you're saying is if i say BLAINCHEL you will tell me who does what in that meme? BLAINCHEL!
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  • which one is abysmal at roller skating and has to hold onto the other

Neither. All their skating is top-notch. They are little competitive devils, doing wild tricks and picking random couples to menace — uh, friendly compete with — at the rink. Unfortunately, they overshoot, and after a fall they won’t tell anyone about ever they go get dinner and compliment each other’s form.

  • which one gets hiccups every time they drink something fizzy

Rachel. Which isn’t helped by Blaine’s obsession with the soda stream. It sends her into a terror about her vocal chords and after doing things like drinking water upside down and trying to get Blaine to scare her (he can’t), Blaine lies back with her against his chest and gives her a neck massage until the hiccups pass.

  • which one always joins the group dances at the skating rink

Blaine. In fact, he’s the one who tends to start them, because he has a talent for these things. Rachel, naturally, joins in after a while but it’s very nice to watch Blaine serenade her (of course he sings too) while doing a flashdance on ice.

  • which one listens to new songs on loop until the other can’t stand it

Neither, or both. They do listen to songs on loop, but it’s hard for them to get annoyed with the other because, hey, they love that song too! and it tends to result in duets. But when Rachel’s in more of a Broadway mood and Blaine’s filling the apartment with Top 40 or Indie or something, or vice versa, things do get a little bit ugly; in the end it’s fixed with mash-ups.

  • which one tags the other in embarrassing photos without asking first

Rachel. Blaine appreciates her enthusiasm, but okay, his hair wasn’t gelled then and why is that photoshopped? All the pictures of them Blaine puts up on Facebook are tasteful, though they sometimes look like they’re from Sears portrait studio, because it’s near impossible to get a candid of either of them. (Rachel succeeds a bit more at snapping one off while Blaine’s distracted, as she’s wily.)

  • which one had a short-lived interest in learning the ukulele

Blaine. Rachel loves it, but she’s disappointed to learn the oeuvre of songs to sing to a ukelele accompaniment isn’t that expansive. Between that and how quickly Blaine picks it up, it ends up as just a footnote on his resume.

  • which one keeps posting memes on facebook

Blaine. He totally gets them all from Sam. If Rachel does a “post this on your wall to raise awareness about this tragic social issue” type post, Blaine immediately does it, but he’s the one who would quote “skate or die” while updating his status about their wonderful couples dates to all those skating rinks.


Brain Busters Part Deux | GLEE

"How many times did Blaine and Rachel kiss?"

Lea: “Twice.”


Me: “sahfglujiäpokydütfhnzbwe+ü#aäsipru”


I bet these two dorks had the best time making show faces as they rehearsed together :3

Sketch by me, and the wonderful vibrant colors by magicalplaylist


I’m excited for next week’s episode! 
Aww… Blainchel hug…. 


I’m excited for next week’s episode! 

Aww… Blainchel hug…. 

some roughedges post!badkid Andercherry for the best Rachel and Mike this Blaine could have asked for. Ily guys <3

some roughedges post!badkid Andercherry for the best Rachel and Mike this Blaine could have asked for. Ily guys <3

Excellent performance. Or it would’ve been, had the assignment been a duet. Apparently, you both feel that you’re above this class, and all that governs it.