"I don`t tell anyone about the way you hold my hand
I don`t tell anyone about the things that we have planned
I won`t tell anybody
I won`t tell anybody
They want to push me down
They want to see you fall

Won`t tell anybody that you turn my world around
I won`t tell anyone how your voice is my favourite sound
Won`t tell anybody
Won`t tell anybody
They want to see us fall
They want to see us fall”

- Ingrid Michaelson “Parachute”

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I Like It Here - A Learren Drabble

i tried to sleep and couldn’t because i had a plot bunny hopping so adamantly that i had to write it down. mind you, it’s the middle of the night and unbeta’d but i still think it’s one of the best things i’ve ever written.

it’s not a spectacularly dramatic plot..but i’d like you to give it a chance and an open mind and please do get back to me if you have any ideas or impressions or yeah, just any kind of feedback. because that makes me very very happy.

// established relationship

The fog pushing through the mountains was thick but still glowing mysteriously, drenched in the same peachy tone as the night sky above them. The city lights painted it in shimmery pastels, just like back in LA but unlike LA, here maybe about ten or twelve stars shone their way through the glimmer.

The Golden Gate Bridge was lit with yellow spots, shooting up to the giant abutments that emerged from the fog as if materializing out of nowhere.

It was quite a sight. She’d never been here at night, let alone so solely undisturbed. There was not a single soul in sight on the little green viewing platform but them.

She walked slowly, almost solemnly across the grass, wrapping the blanket she’d taken from the car a little tighter around her body – fall was creeping in on them and it was the middle of the night and getting cold.

A couple of feet ahead of her was the slender silhouette she was walking towards with certain steps and she felt his ribcage expand with a sigh as she wrapped her arms around him from the back, draping the blanket around them like a cape that hung too low as she’d snook her arms under his.

He instantly closed one of his around her hand on his stomach and brought the other one a little awkwardly around her neck, making her head peak out from behind his broad frame, inbetween his side and upper arm.

“I like it here”, she said, her cheek crazing his light rain jacket, the blue one that always made him look slightly like a toddler, “I like it a lot”

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