TIMES² - HBO Show - Dramedy

"Times Square couldn’t shine as bright as you!"

Times Square and Broadway, Manhattan and the Big Apple…this is the world of 6 young people living under one roof in a loft right off Times Square. Through the year, every one of them tries to make it big. 

Jensen (Tveit) is an off-Broadway actor, playing opposite Carlie (Michele) and although they are great friends, seeing each other 24/7 causes friction - just as the fact that both Jensen and Carlie have a thing for Paul (Criss), a singer/songwriter playing all the pubs up and down Broadway. Sisters Lola (Agron) and Mallory (Watson) keep going head to head for modelling jobs. Kevin (Redmayne) still waits for his big break as a composer - and for Mallory to return his advances. Meanwhile Paul has a thing for Lola and Lola can’t get over that one-off time she slept with Jensen. 

This show is sexy, funny and sometimes tragically beautiful. You shouldn’t miss it!

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"You’re my butterfly, sugar..baby." - CrazyTown

Jim (Joseph Gorden-Levitt) and Greta (Emma Watson) decide to take a roadtrip to California when their flight gets cancelled. Their on a tight schedule to secure a business deal for the magazine they work at and of course they hate it, when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

Sid (Ashton Kutcher), the local mechanic promises to get their car up and running again - but he needs two days at least. Stuck and frustrated Jim meets Kerry (Rachel McAdams) at a bar and the hit it off right away - much like Greta and Sid.

This might be love..but Jim and Greta can’t stay..also, the middle of nowhere really isn’t where they belong. Or could it be?

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"Little sister can’t you find another way
No more livin life behind a shadow
Little sister can’t you find another way
No more livin life behind a shadow” - Queens Of The Stone Age

When her sister Gwen (Dianna Agron) disappears, Ruthie (Emma Watson) is shattered and helpless. Until she is approached by a mysterious man (Bradley Cooper) who claims to be CIA and tells her that her older sister is actually a spy and got sacked on one of her missions.

She is very skeptical but when many people in her life turn out to be spies, including Clay - if that’s his name - (Johnny Whitworth), who was supposed to be Gwen’s boyfriend, Ruthie agrees to get trained to help on a rescue mission.

Meanwhile Gwen has a hard time trying to save herself..but will she be in time? Will Ruthie be able to save her sister? And who can she really trust?

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"I love you more with every breath
Truly madly deeply do..
I want to stand with you on a mountain.
I want to bathe with you in the sea.
I want to lay like this forever.
Until the sky falls down on me…” — Savage Garden

Millie (Emma Watson), or as they call her at home “Lady Mildred Elizabeth Thorne of Leicester”, is sick of being a good girl. She starts her studies at Harvard, careful not to let anyone know that she really is of royal English blood; she invents herself anew; as Millie, the spunky brit and quickly blends.

Soon she makes friends with Cole (Lucas Till) and she quickly falls in love but what Millie doesn’t know is that Cole is only at Harvard for one reason; hired by a tabloid to get the dirty details on her while abroad.

Eventually, Cole has second thoughts on is assignment as he gets to know her and finds himself falling for her head over heals ..but he just might be too late to stop the presses.

Can she ever forgive him?

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"This desert rose
Each of her veils, a secret promise
This desert flower
No sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this

And as she turns
This way she moves in the logic of all my dreams
This fire burns
I realize that nothing’s as it seems” - Sting

Rose Mason (Emma Watson) is not a fan when her parents (Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper) announce that they are moving to Africa to help with doctors without borders; she is afraid of the desert, can’t stand the heat and she just doesn’t want to leave everything behind.

But she doesn’t have much of a choice.

"Desert Rose" follows the Mason family to the dark continent, through the culture shock, fights and tantrums - and Rose as she gradually falls in love with her new home. And the son (Callen McAuliffe) of the hospital’s chief isn’t that bad either.

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"because when I left her alone
she made a sound, like a moan
“you’re known by everyone for everything you’ve done”
fuck buying flowers for graves
I’d rather buy you a one way non-stop
to anywhere
find anyone
do anything
forget and start again, love” - streetlight manifesto

Crawford mansion in Somerset, England, really is a sanitarium but no one says it. Appearing like a normal boarding school, you can actually only get into Crawford when you have serious issues.

Such as Anette (Emma Watson), Julie (Emma Roberts) and Louise (Emma Stone), who meet in the summer of 2011 and quickly befriend each other.

Trying to earn a little bit of freedom from the rigid reign at the clinic, they form a band of sisters, sneak out into the open, smoke by the woods and build each other up.

But when one of them breaks down, their friendship is put to a test that might even become a question of life or death.

— “A Better Place, A Better Time” is a quietly told, honest and brave movie, showing the circle of depression and singing an ode to friendship and hope. The three Emma’s portray their characters with ease and gripping rawness and for them alone this film is worth a watch. Or two.

Or twenty.

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HE MADE A SONG ABOUT EMMA WATSON. i’m just kinda crying this is the cutest thing ever and like the celebrity crush gpoy lyrics oh my god i might be crying just a little.


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“I remember, I had this huge crush on Tom Felton when I was younger. I used to have this unstoppable huge smile whenever I saw him , and it was so obvious I liked him.”

-Emma Watson


Look at how cute.

and he’s like…

i give bitches grabbing, bitches love grabbing.



I hope this is proudly displayed at their wedding

Or you know, Ron can have this in his wallet.

this is easily one of the cutest things i’ve ever seen <3