HP - how i imagine them.

harry potter - aneurin barnard ~ ron weasley - jamie bell ~ hermione granger - ellie kendrick ~ ginny weasley - sophie turner

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Anastasia - The Musical (Fan Cast)

starring Sierra Boggess as Anastasia and Jeremy Jordan as Dimitri.

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After witnessing their father’s brutal murder, now orphaned Daphne (Dianna Agron) and Lou (Britt Roberson), move in with their new legal guardian, Alice (Hilarie Burton). Alice never really wanted children, let alone ones that are almost all grown up themselves but it’s not like she has a choice. Being their only living relative, she has to take care of them. 

And if High School heartbreak isn’t the worst thing in itself, when their father’s dark past catches up with them, the newly found friendship and safety might just shatter to pieces.

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Edward & Elizabeth (2013)

"You have a kind soul, Edward, my king, my love. The clouds are dark above the Abbey, I feel the child stirring - he yearns for his brave father’s return. I pray every day that God brings you back to me."

The war of roses seems all but won for the Yorkists and their new King Edward IV (Daniel Radcliffe) but he soon soon alienates his old allies by marrying a commoner. The 23-year old widow Elizabeth Widvile (Imogene Poots) already has two sons whose father died at the battle of St Albans, fighting for the Lancasters - but she is beautiful and strong-willed and wins over Edwards heart in a matter of months.

When word of his secret wedding gets out, Edward finds himself faced with his court against him. His old confidant Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick and his own brother force him to part from his wife, leaving her pregnant and alone in the sanctuary of Westminster Abbey while he flees to a short exile in the Netherlands.

Bent on getting his wife and his throne back, Edward plans his retaliation but as 1470 draws to an end, huge battles cast their shadows ahead. Will Edward succeed? Will he ever see his wife and children again?

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Package Deal || starring Ginnifer Goodwin and Bailee Madison

A romantic comedy about Sophie’s (Bailee Madison) first love and Georgie’s (Ginnifer Goodwin) first love after her first love. Since Sophie’s father up and left them, Georgie never cared much for men anymore but then there’s Gray (Chord Overstreet), Sophie’s new arts and crafts teacher with that adorable huge fish mouth and suddenly Georgie feels like a teenager again. Meanwhile Sophie might die if she can’t get Tyler Jensen to come to her birthday party. What could be so easy, somehow isn’t for Georgianna and Sophie Parrish because the apple never falls far from the tree…

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"ROAD TO PARADISE" (Movie) based on the novel by Paullina Simons.

Meet Shelby and Gina. Eighteen years old, fresh out of high school, and once best friends. When Shelby (Emilia Clarke) gets a bright yellow Mustang for a graduation gift, she decides to drive across America to find her missing mother, who walked out years before. Gina (Sarah Hyland) invites herself along for the ride, in a hurry to get to California to stop her wayward boyfriend from marrying someone else.

What begins as a journey of big dreams and high spirits quickly changes when the girls pick up a young hitchhiker named Candy (Dakota Fanning). Haunted by a mysterious past, she’s got reasons of her own to get to California as quickly as possible.

The three girls, uneasy and unlikely companions, find themselves on America’s darkest backroads, pursued by fear and betrayal, and slowly learn they cannot count on anything but each other. The road to Paradise, a story of intense friendship, fierce loyalty, and love, will take them to the last place they expected to be.

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The X Files - Reopened || New Series. Starring Darren Criss and Troian Bellisario.

It’s 2014, the apocalypse came and went. But nobody noticed. The colonization has started in secret with people turning into Alien breeders and slaves. All of this is happening but still only a few know. And most that do, try to cover it up.

Still, there is a rebel cell within the government who reinstate the X-Files and win two promising young agents, Agent Drew Malcom (Criss) and Agent Clarissa Miller (Bellisario) to take on the piling cases - and eventually the rebellion’s cause attempting to do nothing less than save humankind.

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okay…broadway version of “down with love”..

catcher block/zip martin: darren criss

nancy brown/barbra novak: lea michele

peter macmannus: neil patrick harris

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