smile because it happened.
don't cry because it's over.........

I'm ellie.
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i don’t know what people of this fandom expect..honestly.

most of the shit that’s happening here on a daily basis is people calling each other names and sending anoymous hate to people. i’ve been the butt of that so many times i’ve actually lost count.

so if you take all this hate and send it to people and send it to people and send it to people, eventually, you’re gonna send it to a person who is not very smart about his word choices and who’s gonna spill all that hate back to you and over someone who maybe doesn’t deserve it.

and now all you self-righteous little brats feel validated and go on your hate tirades and crusades when the sad thing is that most of you have sent anon hate to people or said offensive things, told people to kill themselves or tweeted hate to so many people and the only difference between you and dean geyer is that he’s famous and acting like an idiot and you’re not famous and acting like an idiot. plus you get to hide behind your anon faces.

or how we say over here: wer hass sät wird hass ernten.

translation: if you sow hate you will reap hate. and everybody has a breaking point. wanna play a game? let’s see how many angry girls you can take, sending you death threats and personal insults for simply doing your fucking job and being employed before you blow up and say something stupid that you might regret for the rest of your life. try imagine this fucked up, hateful fandom was your fandom, i’d love to see how you would cope.

of course, not everyone in this fandom is an asshole and not everyone upset right now is a hypocrit but very many are, very many who are very loudly calling for dean’s head (yeah disclaimer in advance, this is a figure of speech) and that’s what’s pissing me of. this fandom is so full of entitled little two faced cry babies who throw punches but can’t take them, who preach tolerance and love and no-bullying and do nothing else with their time, who accept all opinions as long as it’s theirs, who feel so desperately righteous they feel like it’s their fucking right to call people names as they please because they’re lesser than them for not fucking shipping the same thing - like can you even believe that? - and then have the gall to complain about someone else bullying.

to quote the bible which i rarely do but here it fits…

let who is without sin be the first to throw a FUCKING stone.

that “fucking” was my interpretation. that’s not in the bible. but seriously people. take a look at yourself, take a look at this fandom and then rethink being surprised of what’s happening in it and due to it. it’s okay to not like a ship, or a character, go to the lol tag, post read mores, find people that agree but for crying out loud, stop sending hate to each other and to actors and if you fucking must then fucking hold your peace when it all blows up in your faces because you’re part of the problem.

if you’re tired of the lack of blainchel in actual glee..

you should follow the blaine and rachel show aka the way better glee with all blainchel all the time.

is there a putlocker link for britney 2.0??

enough said.

enough said.

Dianna Agron & Ashley Benson morphed together :D

Dianna Agron & Ashley Benson morphed together :D

Blair & Ray

Genderbent!Glee - Rair - Ray Berry & Blair Anderson

Book cover for “Everything On It" by Ellie Carina

COOPCHEL. fuck yeah.

COOPCHEL. fuck yeah.