smile because it happened.
don't cry because it's over.........

I'm ellie.
i like cats and tea and cheese and music.
23 years old. student, singer, actress.

HP - how i imagine them.

harry potter - aneurin barnard ~ ron weasley - jamie bell ~ hermione granger - ellie kendrick ~ ginny weasley - sophie turner

this gives me so many harry-potter-tv-show feels..

just imagine it.

seven seasons of hogwarts. another seven years with harry potter but instead of getting a 2 1/2 hr movie each year..we’d get 23 episodes. each year.

with everything from the books and character development and and and…


i can read myself into a daze.

that one time when i read the fifth harry potter book in 20 hours, only leaving my room to pee and eat (taking the book with me of course) i finished laate in the night, probably morning and i just dimly remember tumbling through our flat when i’d finished, finding my brother and shaking him awake calling him “Harry” at least three times.

then i realized what i was doing and went back to bed. my brother never asked me about it so i think he thinks he was dreaming.

but it happened and it was way weird.

AU-Ships-Meme//requested by ukgleek: Learren/Raine at Hogwarts

AU-Ships-Meme//requested by ukgleek: Learren/Raine at Hogwarts

so i’ve had this idea stuck in my head forever. it’s my head!canon of what happened to draco after hp 7.

so now, there’s a micro-fic.


it was funny that he of all people should be enjoying walking around london, walking through crowds of muggles, blending in. even with his bright blonde hair. it was hard to stand out in london these days.

draco malfoy welcomed this fact greatly. and also that it was so easy for him to dissappear in the midst of the clueless. the relief he felt each and every time he left diagon alley, to just be away from the looks and the whispers, was greater and more essential to him than he would have ever admitted aloud.

out here he was no one. just a man. just some guy. not the heir of a family of dark wizards that had become a shame for the community. not a death-eater. not the one who helped voldemort get his hands on hogwarts. not the one who was partly responsible for the murder of albus dumbledore. simply put, out here he was no one. or everyone; everyone but draco malfoy.

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Who would participate in a short questionaire about POTTERMORE for my uni-paper?

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i wonder why harry didn’t use the elder wand to fix hogwarts..

one of my headcanon’s for harry potter is that draco malfoy fell in love and married a muggle girl.

i know that lady he really married was probably not a muggle..but i would’ve liked it to be.

also it seems like my whole dash is in the post-potter-funk i was in yesterday..

it gets better, guys!

not by much..but it gets better!

not that i mind for myself because i’ve seen it already..

but my dash is like 100% harry potter “spoilers”, like gifs of scenes and retelling and everything..i think that’s a bit unfortunate for those who haven’t seen it yet.


i don’t think people understand that alex (the guy on stage) is not the same guy who does the voice over.

i think the host on stage is doing a good job, tbh.

the voice-over guy is a bit of an idiot..but they’re definitely not the same person.

fucking check your facts, voice-over guy.


british people are so eloquent.

can i be british please?