THE BET (2012)

Three different people. Three different tasks. One enemy.

Belle Christian (Troian Bellisario) needs money and she needs it fast, when she’s contacted by a mysterious self-proclaimed “Fairy Godmother”, she agrees quickly to go on what she’s described as a scavenger hunt.

Grey Kaufman (James Franco) has been on this hunt for a while but he’s not after money; he’s been stolen a document of utmost importance and will stop at nothing to get it back.

Jackie Miller (Mila Kunis) just had a baby - a baby that is gone and she vowed to do anything that is asked of her to get her daughter back.

As the story unfolds the three keep crossing paths in a weirdly orchastrated scavenger hunt of tasks and clues that push the three beyond their boundries and they just might do things they never thought they could. And there’s always that little voice: “I bet I can make you do everything I say”.

09-04 / 18:58 / 9 notes