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Spencer, Unhinged - Crazy!Spencer lashes out at Mona

Genre: Suspense

Pairing:Spencer and Mona – not romantic

Rating: T (for implied violence and potential trigger)

Trigger Warning: suicide, violent behavior

Summary: Spencer is done playing nice and goes after Mona. Crazy!Spencer on an agenda. Just read it, it’s worth it!



"I bet you didn’t expect me here, did you?" Spencer said sweetly and was filled with an exhilarating rush of revenge when Mona’s eyes bulged and her breathing went ragged, "It sucks to be so completely at someone else’s mercy huh? Oh, all the things I could do to you right now…"

Mona’s face became even more contorted and Spencer laughed quietly, “Look at you, like a little bug lying on it’s back. You can’t do anything. But I can, well let’s see…how should I repay you for the things you did to me and my friends?”

Spencer got closer, whispering into her foe’s ear with a wicked satisfaction that took hold of her entirely, “I could rip out your fingernails, one by one, Godfather style or maybe I could pour acid over that sweet little body of yours…but then again, I guess that would all show up later and then you could go around telling your little sob stories about how you’ve been wronged by evil Spencer Hastings and her mean friends. We’ve treated you so bad, haven’t we? Enough bad to justify you going completely off the rails and running us over with cars, threatening our lives and all those cute little stunts your pulled…let me tell you something, you’re not the only one capable of a little crazy. How would you ever think you could get away with this? Mona, Mona, Mona, you’re so smart, how didn’t you see this coming?”

Dianna Agron & Ashley Benson morphed together :D

Dianna Agron & Ashley Benson morphed together :D

wow, pll.

do i really have to wait till summer for the next season?


(dress and boots source)

(dress and boots source)