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Chances Passed

"Does anyone have anything to say?" Artie’s cell cam was facing Blaine and he thought about it for just one second. And then as soon as he registered his own thought, he waved Artie off and buried his face in the crook of his elbow.

It was shame mixed with fear and the same confusion that hadn’t really left him since that day at the Lima Bean.

He should’ve thought of his parents first. Of Kurt or Sam. That would have been the most understandable reaction. But he only thought of one face - one thing he would never get to say, that last chance he had never taken.

To say: “I lied that day in the queue for coffee when you kissed me. I was scared and insecure and I was afraid that admitting my feelings for you would diminish everything I’d already made myself to be.”

The one face he desired to see, crouched there behind the piano wasn’t his mom’s or dad’s, Cooper’s, Sam’s, Tina’s or even Kurt’s…it was Rachel Berry. Only Rachel he wanted to see. Because that’s where his unfinished business was. Kurt was an open wound, Sam was a friend now but Rachel…Rachel was everything that lingered inside him that he tried to push down. And he was so ashamed that he couldn’t even say anything to the camera, not even leave a last note, a final confession because he wasn’t ready to reveal his biggest secret. So instead he cried silently into his own skin and felt sorry for himself. And he thought of Rachel, many miles away in New York, thriving, caught up with life and forever, as it seemed, bound to Finn, who had his good moments but was overall so wrong for her. And he thought maybe it was better to keep quiet after all.

Who would understand his feelings for her if he didn’t even understand them himself?

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what do you guys think of a valentine’s day blainchel-love!day? we would write one shots and make cutesy graphics and send each other blainchel-related valentines? what do you think?

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