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i did the best i could but it doesn’t look very convincing…oh well.

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stars in their eyes - a learren one-shot.

a continuation of this requested by paula


“woah”, he said, still visibly shaken and out of breath from the sprint to the stage, taking the little statue clumsily from the hostess, then the mic and then fumbling the statue back onto the lectern, “oh geez, i totally.., oh man, i’ve totally not been expecting this, i have nothing prepared, so i’m just gonna..yeah, thank you, thank you so so much..uh..to my agent, my manager, the whole cast and crew, jamie, our director and, oh man, i’m so stoked..uh, mom, dad, chuck and team starkid, all my friends from glee, everyone who keeps believing in me and supporting me and..most of all..i’d like to thank lea”

and for a second the attention in the room turned to lea, together with all the cameras that caught her expression, full of pride and emotion.

”..because without you, i don’t know where i’d be”, he continued, eyes dangerously wet and glittering, “you make..you make everyday so much brighter, i’d give you the world as you..as you already have my heart”

he reflexively drew half a heart into the air and held her gaze, “‘cause that’s what you mean to me, this one’s for you, thank you”

and then the cameras panned back to lea who wasn’t even trying to hide her tears of joy.

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dirty little secret — a raine-prompt fic for ashley

there you go, i hope you like it!

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