Blasphemous Rumors (2013) - Shuffle Synopsis || requested by anonymous

“I don’t want to start any blasphemous Rumors but I think that God’s got a sick sense of humor - Depeche Mode

Father Kellan O’Reilly (O’Donoghue) has tried to run fast from his Irish Mob family but when his sister Ava (Lawless), the only one he is still in loose contact with, begs him to hide an Irish girl and her, Kellan feels his calling, urging him to say yes. But upon Kira’s (Bolger) arrival, things turn eerie in the sleepy New England town where Kellan tends to his small parrish. 

The shadows in his house seem to be coming alive and suddenly he feels like everyone is watching him and his house guests. Janey Conner (Parilla), the town’s chief of Police, is wary of his past and doesn’t buy Kira’s cover story. Nelson (Mensah), a voodoo priest and close friend, suddenly refuses to step into Kellan’s house - and there’s a strange man (Elba) in town who’s no one seen before and who seems very interested in Kira. But then again, Kellan himself is more interested in the girl than he should be - and in ways his faith should shield him from but doesn’t.

When things heat up on every front and it seems like both the ghosts of his past and the ghosts Kira’s spiritual side seem to have dragged along are closing in on them, Kellan needs to decide just how much he is willing to sacrifice to save her. 

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Shuffle Synopsis Challenge

Reviving this gem. You have two hours (until 11:45pm CET/GMT+1) to send in 3 to 6 actors and a genre (optional) and I will hit shuffle on my ipod and design a movie poster for you.

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"You’re my butterfly, sugar..baby." - CrazyTown

Jim (Joseph Gorden-Levitt) and Greta (Emma Watson) decide to take a roadtrip to California when their flight gets cancelled. Their on a tight schedule to secure a business deal for the magazine they work at and of course they hate it, when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

Sid (Ashton Kutcher), the local mechanic promises to get their car up and running again - but he needs two days at least. Stuck and frustrated Jim meets Kerry (Rachel McAdams) at a bar and the hit it off right away - much like Greta and Sid.

This might be love..but Jim and Greta can’t stay..also, the middle of nowhere really isn’t where they belong. Or could it be?

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STARLIGHT (2013) // requested by anon

I will be chasing the starlight
Until the end of my life
I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore

Hold you in my arms
I just wanted to hold
You in my arms

My life
You electrify my life
Let’s conspire to ignite
All the souls that would die just to feel alive

But I’ll never let you go
If you promised not to fade away
Never fade away” - Muse

Gaila (Troian Bellisario) appears in Roswell out of nowhere and immediately grabs Taylors (Darren Criss) attention. They fall fast, much to the dismay of Hall (Gabriel Macht) who claims to be Gaila’s uncle - but things aren’t as they seem.

When Taylors little sister Anne (Astrid Berges-Frisbey) makes an unbelievable discovery, things tense up. What is going on with Hall and who is Gaila really? Or what..

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THE BET (2012)

Three different people. Three different tasks. One enemy.

Belle Christian (Troian Bellisario) needs money and she needs it fast, when she’s contacted by a mysterious self-proclaimed “Fairy Godmother”, she agrees quickly to go on what she’s described as a scavenger hunt.

Grey Kaufman (James Franco) has been on this hunt for a while but he’s not after money; he’s been stolen a document of utmost importance and will stop at nothing to get it back.

Jackie Miller (Mila Kunis) just had a baby - a baby that is gone and she vowed to do anything that is asked of her to get her daughter back.

As the story unfolds the three keep crossing paths in a weirdly orchastrated scavenger hunt of tasks and clues that push the three beyond their boundries and they just might do things they never thought they could. And there’s always that little voice: “I bet I can make you do everything I say”.

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Kings And Pawns (Action-Thriller, 2013)

Agent Julien Sawyer (Darren Criss) learned to be a shadow, only less detectable - and like a shadow he follows his mark, Lucy Gray (Lea Michele), up and coming journalist at the Washington Post, observing her every move. He doesn’t strike her as a terrorist but he trusts his handlers.

That is until he gets orders to eliminate the clueless and defenseless Lucy, no questions asked. Upon meeting Lucy face to face in order to find some sort of evidence Julien learns things that make him doubt his higher-ups and journalist Lucy is even more sure of the conspiracy she is suspecting to reach up into the highest levels of the CIA and even the government.

When it becomes clear that Lucy is in imminent danger, Julien has to make a decision; will he not question the answers given or will he do whatever it takes to save her, even if it means betraying his agency and becoming a walking target within a web of lies that seems like an odd game of chess?

— “Sexy, fast-paced and gripping”.

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"Little sister can’t you find another way
No more livin life behind a shadow
Little sister can’t you find another way
No more livin life behind a shadow” - Queens Of The Stone Age

When her sister Gwen (Dianna Agron) disappears, Ruthie (Emma Watson) is shattered and helpless. Until she is approached by a mysterious man (Bradley Cooper) who claims to be CIA and tells her that her older sister is actually a spy and got sacked on one of her missions.

She is very skeptical but when many people in her life turn out to be spies, including Clay - if that’s his name - (Johnny Whitworth), who was supposed to be Gwen’s boyfriend, Ruthie agrees to get trained to help on a rescue mission.

Meanwhile Gwen has a hard time trying to save herself..but will she be in time? Will Ruthie be able to save her sister? And who can she really trust?

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