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Ellie, you are such a straightforward person. Let me hug you forever. People shouldn’t care who you ship/like or not ship/like. You are awesome and talented and fbvgejw

i mean they can care, i’d hope that’s why people follow me in the first place, because they like my ships and what i post makes their dash a little brighter - but if what i don’t ship concerns you and what i post doesn’t make you happy you have every right to unfollow me..like..

it’s not a one-way-ticket..it’s not like following me is a lifetime commitment.

(and thank you, you are a precious diamond <3)

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Lea and Darren must happen for the betterment of our economy, world moral and for the greater good in general.

 - Maja (swoonsaucecriss) speaks only the truth

okay, let me just use my mildly intocicated state (well, who am i kidding, i’m fucking hammered) to let me tell you how much i love you guys..

it’s hard to find words and don’t even get me started on trying to hit the right keys..

but i was just walking home from that party and all i could think of was YOU GUYS AND HOW MUCH I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!

requested by maya // *shuffle synopsis challenge*

"Little sister can’t you find another way
No more livin life behind a shadow
Little sister can’t you find another way
No more livin life behind a shadow” - Queens Of The Stone Age

When her sister Gwen (Dianna Agron) disappears, Ruthie (Emma Watson) is shattered and helpless. Until she is approached by a mysterious man (Bradley Cooper) who claims to be CIA and tells her that her older sister is actually a spy and got sacked on one of her missions.

She is very skeptical but when many people in her life turn out to be spies, including Clay - if that’s his name - (Johnny Whitworth), who was supposed to be Gwen’s boyfriend, Ruthie agrees to get trained to help on a rescue mission.

Meanwhile Gwen has a hard time trying to save herself..but will she be in time? Will Ruthie be able to save her sister? And who can she really trust?


if i forgot you by accident but you know that i love you i’m super sorry, you’ll be included in the next one <3

@ maya and kitten

i’m just gonna make a couple of suggestions for the shirts until tomorrow and then we’re gonna decide together okay?

contemplating if i’m gonna have a beer now or not.



it’s a quarter past seven so that would be okay.

but i’m alone and drinking alone is kinda sad.

i’m thirsty though and the tab-water tastes like pink…what do i do?

 Want me to get beer and we can drink it together… online… or something. That’s a dumb idea :/

no it’s not :D we’ll drink together, cheers to you!

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