smile because it happened.
don't cry because it's over.........

I'm ellie.
i like cats and tea and cheese and music.
23 years old. student, singer, actress.

Theme 03 - Quite Quaint

Live Preview // Code


  • it has no tags, notes or date/time stamps
  • posts are seperated by dotted lines » perfect for picture blogs
  • neat appearance


  • not customizable at all in the panel, only in the “Edit HTML”
  • you have to limit your description to three lines, not a lot of room.
  • you have to add your links for the navigation bar within the “Edit HTML”
Please like this if you use it :)

Theme 02 - Modcloth Lover

Code Base Credit // Code // Live Preview


  • 300px sidebar with 4 customizable pictures
  • Customizable Colours for texts and links (you can change the general colours in the html too)
  • very clean & sharp appearance


  • you have to add your links within the html code, it’s not possible in the control panel
  • you have to fit your sidebar pictures png. with rounded corners to fit the design
If there’s a hitch somewhere, please let me know!

My first theme ever.

Code Base // Code // Live Preview


  • 300px Sidebar with 4 customizable Images (you have to edit each to be no wider than 150 px)
  • Customizable Colours & Fonts
  • Customizable Background
  • very clean appearance


  • you have to add your links within the html code, it’s not possible within the control panel

All credit for the Code base (and me even being able to understand how to tweak it) goes to Jana Monique Tendencia.

P.S.: I hope everything works but it might not because it’s my first attempt at this. Please tell me if you have big problems with the theme, yes?

does anyone know good theme-makers to follow? who regularly post new themes that are nice?

link me up :) thank you!!

going out of your way to clap along to the clap-part in the “friends-theme”.

meaning dropping things or throwing them somewhere so you have your hands free, running into the living room to be there when it plays and focus like a madman to get the rhythm right.

..this is my favorite cartoon/manga-opening of all times!

i know it’s german but just listen to theme song EVER!